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Monthly Reports

Reports and documentation must be submitted to the home church on the dates/timelines indicated. Additionally, the Home Church Administration may request a report or update at any time. 

Hard Copies

The following documents must be mailed to the home church every month: 

  • Completed Expense Reports with Receipts Attached. Reference Here

  • Completed Counting & Deposit forms with bank deposit receipts attached. Reference Here

  • Offering Envelopes organized (rubber banded) by service date. 


Electronic Reports

The following documents must submitted to the home church every month and/or week as indicated: 

  • Completed Budget and Expense tracker/log for the previous month must be submitted by the 1st of Each month. (i.e. July's expense log submitted by August 1st). Reference Here 

  • Complete Budget forecast for the upcoming month should be completed 1 week prior to the beginning of the month. (i.e. August's Budget Forecast submitted by July 25th). Reference Here

  • Tithe and offering log should be submitted every week, in addition to a complete report on the last day of each month. Reference Here

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