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Tithes & Offerings

The home church procedures must be adopted. This includes two people with the offering at all times, two counters, count should be made and logged the same day after service. Monies should not be removed from the church premises until deposit is made.


Two people must be with monies collected at all times. There should be two designated individuals with a back-up person assigned. 

  • The offering plate should be grabbed immediately after collection and escorted to the treasury office to be prayed over and locked up. 



Tithes and offerings should be counted with two designated leaders on the same day after Service.

  • Every offering/donor needs to have an offering envelope filled out. Name, Date, Check # needs to be written on the outside of the envelope or "cash."

  • If the donor did not indicate tithe or offering on their envelope it defaults to offering. 

  • Double check that checks are written out correctly with date and made to Desatar Ministry, verify the amounts match up. 

  • For anonymous cash donations, one envelope needs to be created indicating "Anonymous" and total amount of cash.

  • A counting sheet must be completed and signed by both counters.

  • After cash/checks are counted a deposit slip needs to be filled out and then place in a sealed envelope with the money.  

  • Envelopes should be filed by service date and kept locked in the church office. 

Click here for the counting form.



​Deposits need to be made the same week that collection is made. No money should leave the safe until the deposit is ready to be made at the bank. Money should not be kept overnight anywhere except 

  • One deposit slip should be filled out per service and per date for the tithes and offerings collected. 

  • Deposits should be made the Monday after Service.    

Click here for more details on deposits.


Storing & Transporting Money

No money should leave the safe until the deposit is ready to be made at the bank. Money should not be kept overnight anywhere other than the safe. All deposits need to be taken directly from church to the bank. 

  • Money must be locked up at all times. 


Logging & Reporting

Tithes and offerings need to be logged weekly into the template provided by the home church. This report needs to be sent to the home church treasury office each week.

  • ALL income must be logged and submitted to the home church by the last day of each month.

  • Hard copies of counting sheets, deposit receipts, offering envelopes must be mailed to the home church each month. 

  • The data entry form is below. To access the complete report use the link that was provided to you.

Click here for Tithe & Offering Log

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