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Expenses & Reimbursements

The home church expense procedures  must be adopted and implemented to include the following; set budgets, pre-approval for any purchases, expense form completion, reimbursement timeframe, etc. Hard copies of all Expense Reports and receipts must be kept on file and mailed to the home church each month. 


A budget should be set for each month for all expected bills and any purchases that will need to be made. Budget should include the item/bill, vendor due date/date funds are needed by, amount, payment type (check/card). All requests for funds should be submitted to the Home Church at least one week in advanced. Urgent requests will be handled within 72 hours.

Use the budget template provided to you in (The link is not provided here).


General Purchase Requests

All requests for funds should be submitted to the Home Church at least one week in advanced. Urgent requests will be handled within 72 hours.

  • All check requests will be handled by the home church office.

  • The church should not make cash purchases or have cash on hand. 

  • Any purchases or expenses outside of monthly rents, utilities, or bills, should be requested using the 'Purchase Pre-Approval Request Form.'

  • This form should be filled out by the pastor(s), secretary, or treasurer. (i.e. If the Worship Ministry is requesting a purchase, this should first be approved by the church plant senior pastor, then the request form should be filled out by one of the officers indicated above. 

  • Any leaders making purchases with their own money for reimbursements still need to follow the pre-approval request process, and should be informed of the Expense Report and Reimbursement Policies and timeframe. 

  • The home church will process purchase requests within the time frame outlined above. 

Click here for the Purchase Pre-Approval Request Form


Purchase Requests with Designated Donation Funds

At this time, any purchases being made in which donations were received for specific purposes, will be handled as follows;  

  • Requests for funds should be submitted to the Home Church as outlined above in item 2) General Purchase Requests. Funds will also be released within the same timeframe as above. 

  • A bank account will be set up specifically for these purchases and any other purchases that are outside of monthly bills and utilities. This will be referred to as the Expense Bank Account.

  • Once the request is received and approved by the Home Church, funds will be released into this account for the purchase.

  • After the purchase is made an Expense Report must be completed and the Expense Report Policy must be followed (see below).

  • Once the expense report is completed log the expense on the monthly budget template provided to you in

Click here for the Purchase Request form.  

*Be sure to click the check box for "Designated Donation Fund" on the form.


Expense Reports & Reimbursements

Expense reports must be completed for every purchase made. The only exceptions are monthly standing bills & utilities.

  • Expense reports need to be completed and submitted to the local church office within a week of the purchase. 

  • A hard copy expense report must be filled out with the receipt attached to it.  

  • The receipt should only have the item(s) that are being submitted for reimbursement on it. No personal purchases should be on the same receipt. 

  • Reimbursements cannot be made without the original receipt. 

  • Reimbursement requests should be submitted to the home church the same month of purchase, the sooner the better.

  • Reimbursement checks will be sent out within one week of receiving the completed expense report. Anyone making purchases should be informed of this timeframe before making the purchase. 

Click here for the Expense Report form. 

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