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VACCINE Religious Exemption resources 


DESATAR Ministry is not anti-vaccination nor anti-medical science, but we give precedence to biblical faith and religious convictions. We do not believe that one should be forced to be injected against their will and faith. Christians must have a clear conscience when considering what is good and beneficial for their mind, body and soul.  The Scriptures exhort Christians to avoid sin, by avoiding any action, consumption or behavior that is not done in faith, “For whatever does not originate and proceed from faith is sin [whatever is done without a conviction of its approval by God is sinful]” (from Romans 14:23 AMPC). 


The Church is an ecclesiastical body governed by the Scriptures, teaching believers how they ought to honor God with their lives and bodies.  We must disclose that we are not attempting to give nor are we giving medical or legal advice through the information that we are relaying. Through consultation with other legal resources, we have found several recommended forms that could be helpful in requesting a COVID Vaccine Religious Exemption.


If you are being mandated by your work or school to take the COVID Vaccination and you feel that this is against your religious convictions and faith, you may click below to request the information we have found on a Vaccine Religious Exemption. The information to be provided is open source information that is available in the public domain. 


Upon receiving the resources, it is recommended that you do your own due diligence to review and make your best judgement of utilizing a letter to fit your individual scenario. DESATAR Ministry is in no way liable for the outcome of any personal or congregational use of these resources.


If you are a member or friend of DESATAR Ministry and agree to the above disclosure, you may complete the form below to receive a link to our website that provides information about “vaccination exemptions.” Please note that if your employer requires that you complete a request form that is authorized by clergy, we recommend you process that request through your church home.

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