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Discipleship is the practice of every Christian to be lifelong students of the Word and to follow Jesus Christ. The word disciple means, “a learner; a student; one who follows one’s teachings.” But what does it mean to become a “disciple” of Jesus? A disciple of Jesus is not only a believer, but someone who is fully committed and gives up everything to follow his master.

The idea and concept of discipleship is centric in Scripture. Jesus invites people into discipleship through the instruction of the Great Commission (found in Matthew 28:18-20). As believers, we are not only to become disciples, but we are commanded to “go and make disciples.” This brings Jesus’ directive to full circle.

We believe that at the core of DESATAR Ministry and the church, discipleship is vitally important to the continual growth of the Kingdom of God. 

For those that are ready to learn more, we are excited to offer our Discipleship Class through The CODE (in partnership with Urban Reformers Institute). Our class offering includes topics ranging from the basics of the Christian life to powerful biblical teachings designed to transform the believer in any stage of their walk with Christ.


Contact us for information on the next Discipleship Class offering.

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