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Rents & Bills

At this time the home church treasury office will write out bill checks and submit online payments (if applicable). All rents and bills must be listed on the monthly budget template provided to you in


The monthly rent check will be sent in advance each month to the church plant office. Church plant office is responsible for getting the rent check to the landlord on the 1st of each month.​


Bills (Gas, Electric, etc)

Bills and utilities that can be paid online will be paid by the home church treasury office. The church plant should inform the home church of any bills received onsite, or arrange to have electronic bills sent to

  • The home church needs to be aware of all bills in advance and also informed before any new standing bills are acquired. 

  • All bills must be paid on time. 

  • The home church will inform the church plant if there are any changes in charges on standing bills. 

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