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"Children & Youth Ministry is Real Ministry.

Here we are building a Kingdom Family  preparing today's generation to be the

present-day and Future Leaders in the Kingdom."

-Pastor Luis Vergara

Children’s Ministry is a vital part of the growing church and we believe in the importance of training up the children to love the Lord and others (Proverbs 22:6). We are committed in a true partnership with parents and care-givers, to impart and teach the children to live out their own personal relationship with Jesus and confidently spread the Gospel message unashamed.

We want our children to have fun! Through song, crafts, games, and lessons; we take the fun and give it purpose by teaching directly from the Word of God and allowing them to build solid relationships with one another. The children are not only the future to this ever changing world that we live in, but they are the future of the Kingdom of God here on earth. Come be a part of what God is doing in our children and ministry!

Jesus Said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these." 

 Age/Grade Level: K4 - 5th Grade | Contact us for Virtual & In-person Schedule

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Faith Invaders

Children's Ministry can be equated to the heartbeat of the church.

Kingdom Kids

In the church children

are essential, their presence literally represents the

potential trajectory of the church.


Children are in fact the flock of God and they deserve our 100% every time, when there are many or when there are few.

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